Membership terms and conditions

  1. By joining a membership scheme you agree to a minimum term of 3 months. You can give your notice at any point, but you will be required to pay for the full 3 months.
  2. After 3 months, membership continues on a rolling, monthly basis. Cancellation requires 2 weeks’ notice.
  3. Your membership will start as soon as you purchase a membership scheme. Your membership will renew on your purchase date each month.
  4. Monthly membership fees are due by your renewal date. They are payable by BACS, standing order or PayPal and are non-refundable.
  5. On your renewal date, provided your fees have cleared, you will receive studio credit to cover the month’s membership hours. Studio credit can be used to pay for online bookings.
  6. You can carry up to 1 month’s credit over to the next month, meaning you can have up to twice your monthly credit quota in your account at any one time.
  7. Unused membership accounts will be cancelled after 3 months of non-use. If still within the 3 month minimum term, you will be required to pay the outstanding fees.
  8. You can change your membership scheme at any point, effective from the next month. However, you can’t downgrade your scheme until your minimum term has passed. You can also top up your credit with Pay As You Go.
  9. New members are required to sign a membership contract and present photo ID on their first session. This will be copied and stored for security reasons, in lieu of a deposit. It will not be shown to or shared with anyone other than in exceptional circumstances, such as for legal reasons. As soon as your membership has expired and on your request, the copy will be destroyed.
  10. Access to the facilities is subject to availability. We can’t guarantee that your desired hours will be available, but you can book sessions in advance provided they fall within your membership term.
  11. Setup and takedown must take place within your booked timeslot so as not to interfere with other users.
  12.  Membership schemes do not include any assistance such as engineers or producers, but this can be booked for an additional fee.
  13. We’d rather trust our members so we don’t ask for a deposit or any more than a month’s fees in advance, but if you break your membership agreement within the agreed 3 month term you will not be able to join another membership scheme or open a Pay As You Go account at The Noisefloor.
  14. That said, we’re reasonable people – if you have exceptional reasons for wanting to leave a membership scheme early, just get in touch.
  15. Any work and digital content you create on shared studio equipment belongs to you.

Please also read the Membership Agreement contract that you will be required to sign.

General Studio Rules:

  • Liquids shall be kept away from all Equipment at all times
  • No smoking
  • Antisocial, unprofessional or disruptive behaviour may result in you being asked to leave and in extreme cases you won’t be allowed back
  • Both the internal and external studio doors must be kept closed at all times when making noise so as not to disturb other building users
  • Please take any rubbish with you when you leave
  • Please use the ventilation system if the room is getting stuffy, smelly or too hot!
  • Please switch everything off when you leave the studio

(Please see the General Terms and Conditions for non-membership use of the studio.)