Like many small businesses we've had to change the way we work. The Noisefloor will operate as a limited studio share for the foreseeable future, which means that unfortunately we are unable to accept bookings from non-members.Read more about these changes.


The Noisefloor is a new take on music studio time, offering a DIY facility for composing, production, mixing and mastering, experimentation, DJing, recording, podcasting and more. Falling somewhere between rehearsal room, recording studio and production suite we provide what many people who work with audio need: a dedicated, affordable, sonically treated, professionally equipped space in which to work. Read more...

Matt Collings and Esther Swift experimenting at The Noisefloor

For recording, mastering, production and experimentation

The Noisefloor is a versatile and affordable studio for anyone working with sound. Our gear includes an RME Fireface audio interface, KRK and Genelec monitor speakers including a subwoofer, extensive soundproofing and software including Ableton Live Suite 11, Max/MSP 8 and Logic Pro X.

perfect for... producers • composers • podcasters • voiceovers • sound designers • electronic bands • performers • DJs • pianists • singers • educators • developers and programmers • audio engineers • improvisors • video makers • animators...