The Noisefloor: Your DIY Recording Studio in Edinburgh

photo of some of our kitThe Noisefloor recording studio Edinburgh is the ideal choice for your audio production and practice. With a professionally treated room and recording space, our studio in Edinburgh is located just 1.5 miles from the centre. Make use of our facilities to produce and record new songs or tighten up old tracks. Our space is also perfect for your daily practice or to prepare for an upcoming performance. We’re open from 8am till midnight every day so we fit your schedule.

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The Noisefloor is for anyone who works with sound

Whether you’re a DJ, music student, bedroom producer, professional composer or singer, or if you’re just starting out as a musician, we have the space and the equipment to meet your individual needs. You can book our studio to suit your schedule: for an hour, a day, or for a few hours every week. The more you use the facilities the less you will pay. We’re the most economical and viable option for sound artists, sound designers and musicians in Edinburgh. Our rates can drop as low as £5 per hour if you plan to use the studio a lot.


To get the most out of The Noisefloor take a look at our membership options or call 07594 245521 for more details.

Pro equipment and inspiration at The Noisefloor

Without the right inspiration and setup the production and recording process can easily turn into a dry, technical assignment and your music can end up sounding soulless. At The Nosiefloor we have put together a stimulating, comfortable environment that will put you at ease and stimulate both your technical and creative sides for all-round inspiration.

In addition to investing in industry standard equipment at our recording studio in Edinburgh, we also have a lounge area and a kitchen for those all important breaks – chat with other artists or fix yourself a quick snack before getting back to your practice or recording.

Any questions?

Send your queries to and we will do our best to help you.