Affordable Music Studio Edinburgh

Yinstrumentsou’ll find both quality and affordability at The Noisefloor studio. Located only 1.5 miles from the city centre, our music studio in Edinburgh is a friendly, relaxed place offering a stimulating creative environment. The Noisefloor is your home studio away from home, with access to industry standard production and recording equipment and a diverse bunch of music lovers and artists sharing the space.


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Great Recording and Production Quality

The Noisefloor is a facility for artists who are passionate about creating music and sound, no matter how big or small the project. We have the best digital equipment for electronic musicians, sound artists, sound designers and producers. Our DIY studio is a unique new approach to studio time and while most of the people who drop by are self-sufficient, help with engineering or production is on hand if you need it.


Some features of our studio:

• Sonically treated space
• Professional, state-of-the-art equipment
• Creative, friendly and inspiring setting
Flexible pricing (the more you use, the less you pay)
• Graduate and student discounts

What can be done at The Noisefloor?

Record, mix and master music, test sounds, experiment, practice and collaborate at The Noisefloor. We’re totally committed to music – we share your passion and love for sound and have everything you need to produce and master it perfectly. With our unique space and equipment you can finally get out of your home and into a professional music studio Edinburgh. And we won’t break the bank, either – we’re one of the most affordable studios in Edinburgh.

What’s more, your first 2 hour session with us is free! Sign up today and don’t miss the opportunity.

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