Affordable Studio Space in Edinburgh

sofa and chillout areaIt can be expensive to rent studio space, even more so to set up your own home studio, but with our unique new approach musicians and artists can hire The Noisefloor Studio Space Edinburgh from just £5 per Hour.

Our sound studio is sonically treated, soundproofed and equipped with state-of-the-art production and recording equipment including KRK and Genelec monitors, DPA condenser microphones and a Fireface UC audio interface – we have all the gear that you may not be able to afford on your own ready and waiting.

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The Noisefloor Studio is Comfortable and Inspiring

While good equipment enables you to produce high quality sound, you also needs that special something that only comes from a comfortable, inspiring and creative environment. The Noisefloor is therefore designed to be as comfortable and versatile as possible. We have varied lighting options, a good chair with proper back support, silent ventilation and attractive decor. If you feel a creative block coming on, your ears need a rest or you just need to talk to a human being, make a coffee in the kitchen and take a break in our communal lounge area!


You can also benefit from the following facilities:

  • Wi Fi
  • Gear storage
  • Soundproof recording space
  • Electronics workshop

Flexible pricing for recording and production

Make the most of your creativity at our recording and production studio space. We offer flexible monthly membership schemes that suit your practice and schedule, Pay As You Go accounts which get you free credit and discounts during off-peak hours for on demand bookings. The more you commit to your music, the more you save. Students and graduates can apply for a further discount.

Need Extra Assistance?

Although many people are comfortable doing their own thing at The Noisefloor, when you need some extra assistance such as an engineer or producer, we can help you for a small fee.

You can read more about our prices and facilities, call 07594 245521 or write to us at with any enquiries.