Why don’t you do on-demand bookings any more?

Previously the studio was available for DIY or assisted sessions which often meant many people from many households using the studio in quick succession. This doesn’t feel like a sustainable or responsible business model at the moment and it’s impossible to say when it will be viable again.┬áThe new system means fewer people using the space for longer sessions, which will help keep numbers down and ensure the studio can remain open.

We realise this will be disappointing to people who used the studio infrequently and for shorter sessions. However, we hope you understand the difficult decisions we’ve had to make and if the old system becomes viable again we will certainly consider re-establishing it.

Can I work with an audio engineer / producer / recorder?

We do take on some work – get in touch with your requirements!

I’m not a Member and only need the studio for a single / a few sessions. Is this possible?

Generally this is not possible although exceptions can be made for returning clients who know their way around the studio already. Get in touch with your requirements!

If I don’t use all my Membership Sessions one month, can I use them the next?

You can carry over up to 2 sessions to the following month. This is to ensure there are enough available sessions for all members in any given month.

What happens if I want to join part way through the month?

If you join within the first 2 weeks of the month you will get access immediately and subsequent renewals will be on the 1st of the month. If you join in the last 2 weeks of the month, your membership will start on the 1st of the upcoming month. This is to ensure you have time to use your Membership Sessions.

Why does my Membership renew on the first of the month, not on the date I joined?

This is to ensure there are enough available sessions for all members during the month.

Will I get an overview of the studio before my first session?

Yes! Someone will go over the basics with you but you should be comfortable undertaking your work unassisted. Help guides are in production and will be available soon.