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photo of some of our kitMusic Production Edinburgh

Are one of the many people involved in music production, Edinburgh who make do with a substandard setup at home? Do you keep the volume low so you don’t annoy the neighbours, tolerate room echoes because the space isn’t treated and wish you had kit you can’t yet afford? If so, make The Noisefloor your home studio away from home!

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The Noisefloor is custom built for music production and music mastering in Edinburgh. We have a soundproof and sonically treated room with KRK and Genelec speakers and a sub for perfect monitoring. Along with our array of microphones, software and hardware you can hear every nuance of your sound and hone it to perfection.



Affordable Music Mastering, Edinburgh

Our studio is intended for people who have the music production and music mastering skills but lack the space in which to work. Just turn up, plug in via our industry standard RME Fireface UC audio interface and get to work, uninterrupted. However, if you do need some help you can hire one of our skilled engineers or producers to assist you.

No more making do!

You’ll find investing in time at The Noisefloor will help your creativity and productivity in ways you never expected. A proper room set up is vital when mastering or producing audio  – you can have fantastic speakers but if the space they are in isn’t right you’re not going to get the best out of them. Not only do we have industry standard monitors but the studio has been treated by a professional acoustician for a perfect monitoring environment.

Recording studios can be prohibitively expensive and rehearsal spaces don’t cut it for music mastering in terms of equipment and room treatment. However, with one of our highly affordable monthly membership schemes you could be working on your music production in Edinburgh regularly and in comfort, starting today! Membership can go as low as £5 per hour, but if you’d rather use the studio as and when you need it our Pay As You Go and On Demand options are also extremely competitive.

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