Membership 3


Membership3 - £30 / month

3 anytime DIY hours* for £30 per month. 3 month contract.

Your membership will start today and run for 3 months, then continue on a rolling month-by-month basis.

Each month you will receive studio credit which you can use to pay for sessions. You will receive your first month’s studio credit instantly upon purchase. Please ensure you’re logged in or that you set up an account during checkout to receive your credits.**

Pay for your first month today via PayPal, BACS or standing order, or pay in cash at your first session. Fees are then due monthly, in advance.


By purchasing you confirm you have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions and Membership Agreement.

* subject to availability during opening hours (9am-11pm daily). Membership doesn’t include a sound engineer but this can be booked separately. If you’re already a memeber, book your sessions using studio credit.
** each month your studio credit will reset to 39 to cover 3 hours at the standard on-demand rate (£13ph). Up to 1 month’s credit can be carried over to the subsequent month.

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