The Noisefloor Recording Studios Scotland

instruments-200x300If you require the use of a professional and friendly recording studio in Scotland, The Noisefloor is the place to be. Our studio is conveniently located 1.5 miles from the city centre in Edinburgh. Our facilities enable you to create your best audio – be it recording and mastering a studio album, practicing for a live show, producing sound design for TV, films or theatre, we have the equipment and the inspiration for you.

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Our team have a wide range of skills and although we run a DIY studio, where artists drop by to do things their own way, we are on hand if you need special assistance.






We’re committed To music

We’re passionate about music and sound so we know what musicians and producers want from a Recording Studio in Scotland. Our well equipped studios offer the following advantages:

  • Studios equipped with KRK and Genelec monitors including a sub, DPA condenser mics, RME Fireface UC interface, and much more
  • Soundproofed recording room
  • Convenient location
  • Comfortable and inspiring environment including comfortable lounge and kitchen facilities
  • Flexible payment options with special benefits for long-term users, students and graduates

Feel free to drop by and check out our setup in person.

Free 2 hour trial session

Get your first two hours absolutely free, with no obligation – check out the equipment, experience the studio environment and see if it suits you. If it does (and we’re sure it will!) you can be confident that we’re one of the most affordable recording studios in Scotland. Book now to reserve your session in our soundproof studio and create high quality music with professional, industry standard equipment.

Become a member and you can further cut the cost of your recordings and productions with our long-term user discounts, starting at just £20 per month. Students and graduates also receive a generous discount.

Invest in your creativity at The Noisefloor, where you’ll save considerable money compared to other music studios. Call 07594 245521 for more information or send your enquiriess to