Matthew Collings

“The Noisefloor is a well-equipped and very comfortable place to work. After an intense 3 days mixing I didn’t feel as tired as I would normally be, and I’m really pleased how well the mixes came out from the sessions. I’m sure that working in a dedicated, acoustically treated space had a lot to do with this. Instead of constantly having to re-adjust for a non-ideal work space, I could just focus on making the music sound as good as possible. Being able to work on music which is designed to be LOUD, works well here too, as I can work at a higher monitor level if needed without having to worry about disturbing other sessions/neighbours! Having heard these mixes on a few different sets of monitors/speakers now they translate remarkably well already. I’m pretty sure I would not have achieved this at home, and I will definitely be back!”

Matt is a composer and a sound artist 


Varun Nair

“The Noise Floor is a fantastic studio to work in – whether it is for detailed mixes, quick edits or composing. The studio has a great vibe with good acoustics that helps bring out the best in the mix”

Varun is a sound designer & mix engineer


Anna Papaioannou

“I really enjoyed working in the Noisefloor. It was very comfortable and well organized and I felt very relaxed and content after my session. I will definitely use this space again and again!”

Anna is a composer and performer


Nontokozo Sihwa

“The Noisefloor is a well-designed and treated space which meant I was able to show up, plug in and focus entirely on the music. Add to that the air-conditioning and a comfortable chair which made a long session relatively painless. Thank you for bringing this concept to life in Edinburgh.”

Nonto is a musician and sound artist